Stay For Lunch

A Story of Faith and Friendship

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Meet Anne. Meet Francina. An unlikely pair brought together by a destiny driven moment that changed both their lives unexpectedly. Francina, an eighty-six year old devoted Methodist who at one point declares: “I don’t want to be goody-goody about this, but I am just crazy for Jesus.” and Anne, a seemingly content thirty-one year old with an unanchored soul, meet suddenly in the hilly, curvy roads of Atlanta where their unusual story of faith and friendship unfolds.


Try A Bite


Excerpt from "Stay For Lunch"

“Anne, dear, it’s so wonderful to have you here. I must admit something very strange is happening with me. I think I might be experiencing a slight depression. Have you ever heard of anything so silly? I just don’t understand it.”
“Francina,” I replied as I sat back in the dining room chair, instantly putting aside thoughts of getting back to the office any time soon, “you have pneumonia. Of course you are depressed. You deserve to be. Pneumonia is tough to beat and it takes a long time to get back to 100 percent.”
“Do you really think so sweetie? I have felt so unlike myself”. “As you should, you are sick,” I said. “You need to give yourself a break. It’s OK to feel blue.”
Of course what stunned me was that even though the puff had been taken out of Francina’s sail, she sat at the head of her dining room table looking perfectly lovely, as always. She pondered what I had said briefly and then began to sparkle a tiny bit as she remarked, “I guess you’re right. I feel better already just knowing that I’m supposed to feel bad. Thank you.” It was at that moment I realized Francina looked to our friendship for support and guidance as much as I did.
Fifty-odd years between us and we were girlfriends, helping each other along our respective paths.



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