Reflections on a Cottage Life


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Immerse yourself in simple lake traditions
cured over time in an authentic 1920’s
Wisconsin Lake Cottage.


Winner 2019 National Indie Excellence Award/Best Interior Design-Non Fiction

Finalist 2019 National Indie Excellence Award/Cross Genre

Finalist 2019 Next Generation Indie Book Awards/Best Overall Design Non- Fiction

Winner, 2018 IPPY Award/Great Lakes Region

Winner, 2018 Independent Press Award/ Best Cover NonFiction

Winner, 2018 Living Now Award, Gift/Specialty Book

Distinguished Favorite, 2018 Independent Press Award/Cross Genre

Hard cover, linen wrapped, embossed, full-color, printed on archival grade paper. 




Excerpt from "Boyville"

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The next phase of girls were real live peers on a neighbor’s pier with an endless array of changing bikinis. That’s when King of The Raft took on a whole new level of intensity and when new lifelong friendships were forged. And the games continued. New to our guys, and much to their amazement and probably chagrin, they became quite good at Charades. And any other game the girls deemed worthy playing. As bodies matured and interests were sparked, dreams of summer romances percolated around us. Although those never took flame, the friendships of the boys and girls of summer forever hold steadfast and true.




Excerpt from "Sketches"

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A slow sunset dance in
the middle of the lake.
Our kayaks spin
as the light changes.

First, a brilliant glow
on the far shore
illuminating the last row of cottages
edged with dusty blue and deep green reflections.

The sun melts golden
into the horizon
as the light shifts to the west
and transforms into blood red orange.
Highlighted by smoky streaks of gray
sketched across the sky.

Billowy puffs turn the lake into
medallions of magenta
outlined with pools of shimmering silver.
Sky meets lake, reflects sky
and only the kayak edge separates the two.

Night after night, spin after spin
we do the sunset waltz...
And remain wonderstruck.

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Sample Recipe


Lynn’s Fresh Corn Salad


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This recipe is perfect for what to do with left over ears of corn in the pot.

3 or more ears cooked corn, removed from cob
Diced ripe tomatoes, seeded (grape, cherry, Roma,) ¹⁄₃ ratio to corn
Diced sweet onion (equal amount to tomato)
2 tablespoons White Balsamic Vinegar
Raw Sugar
Fresh Basil (torn)
Salt and Pepper to taste
Mix sugar and vinegar in mixing bowl,
add corn, onion and tomato.
Toss and chill. Add basil right before
serving and add salt and pepper as desired