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Pleased to announce that 'Stay For Lunch' is now an audio book available on Amazon, Audible and ITunes. Find it here.

I just had the pleasure of recording an audio version of ‘Stay For Lunch’ which is available soon for downloading via Amazon, Audible and Itunes. What fun to be in the studio and revisit my friendship with Francina and to hear her voice speaking through mine. I am happy to keep this little book’s journey alive and moving forward with me.


Coming soon: 'Come to the Lake - Reflections on a Cottage Life'
Boyville an audio preview.


ippy Gold Medal

Look For The Gold!  


Stay For Lunch received a coveted 
Gold IPPY medal presented at the award ceremony of the Independent Book Publishers’ annnual international competition during the 2009 Book Expo in
 New York City. The category Inspirational/Spiritual was the largest with the most entries and Stay For Lunch received the highest honor in that category. 


There were over  4000 entries in the 65 national  and regional categories and while there were ties in the silver and bronze levels of Inspirational/Spiritual, only one Gold was awarded for this section.  



“You'll want to stay for lunch, dinner, and even breakfast the next morning, reading Anne Goodwin's sweet, moving account of her friendship with Francina. "Age is no barrier for friendship. "Stay for Lunch" is the reflections of Anne Goodwin and her friendship with a woman called Francina. With over five decades age difference, there seemed to be little in common. But Anne, the younger of the two, reflects profoundly on her time with her elderly friend and through her writing, imparts on some of the wisdom she gained. "Stay for Lunch" is a charming and moving read, a top and highly recommended pick." Midwest Book Review



Stay For Lunch is a delightful gem of a book that touches the soul.”

Alison Larkin, bestselling author, The American English Woman (Simon and Schuster)



“Stay For Lunch is a delicious read which reveals the truth and universality of connection and generosity born of open hearts meeting unexpected circumstances. It highlights the lessons others offer to us, and how many of these gifts come out of surprising moments. Anne Goodwin was an open heart ready to give and in so doing, received much in return. This is inspirational reading.”  

L. Kay Wilson, Attorney, Coach & Motivational Speaker


"Stay For Lunch” is a nourishing treat for the soul…sweet, heartfelt and genuine. Plus, this exquisite little book is a true pleasure to hold in your hands.’  

Myra Goodman, author, Food To Live By, The Earthbound Farm Organic Cookbook