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Anne is available to lead a discussion on inspirational take-aways from both her books:
Stay For Lunch and Come To The Lake. You can contact Anne here.


I so enjoyed your fabulous talk at Camp Manitowish! You were engaging and inspirational and the thoughts that you shared about your time at the lake and paddling so resonated with me. I love how you connected with the deeper meaning of being on the water and in nature, and how those insights apply to life itself. I felt a kinship with you immediately.

Your book, Come to the Lake, is a beautiful collection of stories and memories that so many of us who love the lakes and time shared there with loved ones can relate to. It is a treasure for all ages! Keep up your inspiring work!
— Mary Anne, Red Kayak Institute

Anne Goodwin is one of the most captivating and charming speakers it’s ever been my pleasure to hear. But she is more than just a speaker. By the end of her delightful, insightful and utterly thoughtful presentation, she was the new best friend of every person in the room! Our entire audience – both men and woman alike – came away with their spirits lifted and their hearts ignited after hearing the inspiring story of Annie and the remarkable Francina.
— Tammy K. Epes, Member Services Manager, Shenandoah Club

Anne’s “Francina’s Calling!” chat was relevant for anyone, it was moving, filled with words of encouragement, and inspiring! Her story left me compelled to share – I bought a copy of her book, Stay for Lunch, for each member of my organization’s leadership team encouraging each of them, too, to take a pleasurable pause!
— Frank G. Carter, President & CEO, Member One Federal Credit

The BWP Meetup Community had two, back-to-back, powerful gatherings with two awesome women of purpose and passion. After a night of powerful messages, we were again rocked and inspired by Anne Goodwin, author of the award-winning book, “Stay For Lunch.” Again, gracious, lovely, as well as truly inspiring. Another rainy evening, 15 women came to learn, share and be inspired by Anne.
— Carolyn Townsend, Coach, Women of Purpose, NYC

At Afternoon Tea with Anne Goodwin, our guests were captivated and engaged as Anne shared her story of faith and friendship with us. Her relationship with Francina reminds us all that we should welcome opportunities to touch the lives of those we encounter, and in turn be blessed ourselves.
— Marian R. Caso, Owner, Lady Bedford’s Tea Parlour